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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 20, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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an eye on things. >> good morning, happy wednesday. >> good morning. another nice day underway here. it looks like we will keep that sunshine around for yet another day, beautiful spring day again. >> the hits keep rolling here ebb though we had a cold front yesterday. we will show you what is going on at the moment. not a lot at least not on storm scan even though we have a beautiful weather, there are some fair share of side effects that come with beautiful weather even like this. pollen remains an issue for us. the as we look here at wider zoom we will have high pressure in place. we had a front yesterday. that has long since cleared off to the south and because of that we are back in the clear sky. worst of the breeze will be tapering off. looking around the region area temperatures mid 40's from allentown to wilmington down there central delaware. fifty in philadelphia and wildwood, so, you know, definitely cooler by comparison to yesterday but off to a decent start here. with wall to wall sunshine nothing more than a couple of puffy cloud, 64 by noon time.
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sixty-nine by the time we hit 3:00 p.m. and we are expecting 70 at some point this afternoon. looking at area headlines, sunny, is in day on tap, high pollen still april issue. but here's a hint, wet weather is mountain forecast for later in the week. meisha, over to you. good morning everyone. happy wednesday. what you are looking at right now is video in case you haven't caught this so far emergency construction to replace three suspension ropes on the delaware memorial bridge. it will cause slow downs for sure. this started yesterday. they are saying it will last around several days, three south bun lanes are closed, so only one is opened, affecting you coming in from new jersey into delaware. most delays on 295 and new jersey turnpike, by the way at the toll plaza, new jersey turnpike, you have lost that left lane. so your alternate is probably the commodore barry bridge. you can see crews are working right now, still very dark, so use caution and volume levels increase, we are going to see
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significant slow downs being that only one lane is opened, looking at 95 south at cottman, looking at how pleasant this looks, nice and opened roadway there. this is where we had sewer main repairs yesterday and it has been extended, closure until today in mount laurel. hartford road is closed between sixth avenue and union mill road. your alternates are the same as yesterday. briggs road, larchmont boulevard and arc road. a fire destroys a bucks county home this picture from the lieutenant david back shows the fire at its height at 11:00 last night on the 2200 block of pal mean owe drive. bucks county news feed video shows fire fighters, controlling fire about an her later. fortunate thely, in one was hurt but so far, no word on the cause. this right here is new video just in from a house fire in delaware county. you can see the house on faulk road in garnett valley is badly damaged after the flames ripped through it this morning. we're told one man was inside the house when the fire
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started but he did get out safely. also here, no word yet on how this fire started. well, classes are canceled again today in robbinsville mercer county. >> the community is still in shock after the sudden death of the school's district's bee loved superintendent. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch has the latest on the crash. >> reporter: after loss of robbinsville school superintendent doctor steven mayer a tribute, flowers, messages, candles and other keep steaks left at foxmore pavilion. many in the crowd knew doctor mayer, some didn't but all felt a need to gather. >> it is just amazing. i never would have suspected so many people coming. it is such a tribute to how many lives he touched. >> i can see the impact that he haddon so many lives. >> he was there for like all of the kid. he was always there when we had assemblies for everything. >> reporter: 6:15 tuesday morning, reports of the fatal pedestrian involved accident on robbinsville edinburg road.
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behind the wheel a 17 year-old high school student who remains on the scene. she was cooperative with police, authorities say, victim doctor mayer out jogging with his dog, both were killed. >> there are two families involved in this tragedy both doctor mayer's and a student's family and we are praying for them all. >> accident remains under investigation. no summons have been issued at this time no criminal charges have been filed at the this time. >> reporter: classes and activities at the robbinsville schools were canceled tuesday and remain so today as well. >> i necessity he is looking down and smiling. he knows robbinsville is strong. >> reporter: and there will be grief counselors on hand for those in need, we do know that 17 year-old driver did remain on the scene, however at this point the driver has not been identified and in word yet on any charges. we are live from robbinsville, i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> brook and jim, very sad all the way around, thanks,
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justin. hillary clinton and donald trump win one of the biggest prizes in the campaign so far, republican front runner won his home state of new york with more votes then john kasich and ted cruz combined. clinton who served the empire state in the u.s. senate easily defeated broccoli native bernie sanders. as hena daniels reports both front runners are close tore locking up their parties nomination. >> there is in place like home. >> reporter: hillary clinton triumph against bernie sanders in new york's primary, picking up at least 135 of the 247 delegates at stake. speaking from manhattan last night the democratic front runner turn her attention to the general election mentioning her rival only once. >> to all of the people, who supported senator sanders i believe there is much more that unites us then divides us. >> reporter: sanders was counting on a victory in new
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york to stop clinton from clinching the parties nomination, following loss he blasted the state's primary voting system for leaving registered independents out. >> people should have the right to participate in a primary and vote for their candidate for president of the united states. >> reporter: on the republican side donald trump rode a wave of support from men, women, outsiders and conservatives to victory in his home state, after picking up a majority of the majority of the delegates at stake the g.o.p. front runner says he is the only republican date with a path to securing the nomination. >> we have millions of more votes then senator cruz, millions and millions of more votes then governor kasich. we're really, really rocking. >> reporter: despite finishing third in new york, ted cruz still hopes to soon file the party behind him. >> join me now on this journey of less talk and more action. >> reporter: the presidential
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contenders are now looking to next tuesday when five states hold their primary primaries. heny daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". candidates are working on next tuesday's pennsylvania primary to day hillary clinton will be in north philadelphia and fishtown, bernie sanders is holding a reading town hall meeting, tomorrow. now last night ted cruz stopped at the national constitution center where former presidential candidate, carli fiorina introduced him, today. bet will campaign at a car museum in hershey. john kasich returns to the region tomorrow, town hall on penn state's brandywine campus in media in the afternoon and a republican dinner in king of prussia later in the evening. stay with "eyewitness news" as we follow candidates of 2016. >> our coverage continues on line at cbs embattled pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane, has been ordered to appear in montgomery county court today. pretrial hearing is set on charge that he is she leaked
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grand jury information to the newspaper. kane is expect to ask a judge if she can file a misconduct motion. her attorneys say prosecutors leaked fbi recordings last movement. now for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> from the cover of the delaware county daily times, pennsylvania governor tom wolf makes stops in montgomery and counties tuesday to thank proponents of the recently said medical marijuana bill. times of trenton says department of investigation has opened a investigation into how rider university handled sexual assault and harassment complaints. this university is one of the 175 colleges and universities, currently under investigation, as the feds step up efforts to give schools to bet's dress the growing number of campus rapes, sexual assaults and sexual harassment the complaints. from the intelligencer, more than 600 civil war reenactors will stage the first battle of the bull run
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in neshaminy state park in bensalem this weekend. 15,000 spectators are expected to attend the event on saturday and sunday. and, that is your look at the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. well, coming up, it is do or die tonight for the flyers. >> and a lot of people are wondering if the fans will be on the best behavior. hear what the players had to say about the ugly scene when they tossed bracelets on the ice. i was crying. >> trapped in a bounce house, hear that family's warning for anyone stepping inside one of those inflatable big toys. >> ♪ >> that is my first time hearing a one direction song, i like it. get ready for another perfect spring day here, here's rain on the horizon but don't worry, katie will let you know when you you will need your
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umbrella again, we will be right back.
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welcome back everyone. the flyers, facee limb nation tonight when they take on the washington capitals at wells fargo certainty. >> our very own pat gallen was at game three where both flyers and their fans. >> yeah. >> came up small. >> they pretty much did. they gave me a cool experience, but in the end i think we know how that turned out. monday night flyers had one empty seat on the glass available and they decided to let me have have it to tell the store of the amazing playoff atmosphere at wells fargo center. it began asiana macing nate but as we know it did not end that way but before all of the mayhem i sat the on the glad and enjoyed a nice giant slice of pizza there, took in the sights and sound of playoff hockey. the flyers gave out bracelets as they illuminated the arena i seen that at cold play concert before but that
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backfired. night began with the stirring tribute to ed snider passing away at 83. many fans moved by that pregame tribute to honor their late owner. as i mentioned front row seat, amazing view, amazing place to be during the playoffs and it started off great. the energy, you could feel when you are that close is unlike anything else. so you get to appreciation when you see how fast and physical these players are that close, the boards are shaking in your face. it is amazing. then first gel happened, the place was electric and it appears with that first minute the flyers were primed to cut the series lead in half. it seemed liken joy of the building carried from the pregame in the first part of the game for the flyers but that soon faded overtime as capitals came back and toward the end it became a real laugher. the caps won by six-one. they have scored five power play goals. that wasn't the real story of
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the game though. the real story, of course as night began with such promise with the fans enjoying a game and celebrating an own their brought who can toy this city. it ended with that embarrassing moment for the team and town and that embarrassing moment still being discussed and played out in the media among philadelphians and beyond. it wasn't just one or two fans throwing those bracelets i was in the front row and had them by my head. it had to be a few hundreds. flyers forward wayne simmonds was on the ice asking for fans to stop and he is not happy with how it went down. >> it was extremely unfortunate. i necessity we got into some penalty trouble there at the end but i don't think fans helped us out any. obviously i think they are voicing their displeasure but at the same time i don't think you should be throwing things on the ice. >> ed snider's daughter serena agrees. she said her dad would have been down right disgusted with
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the fans behavior, she tweeted my dad would have called wrist band throwers a quote disgrace and may have spoken publicly but he weren't look back, only forward. we will look ahead as well, coming up at 6:00 we will see if the flyers can figure this thing out and steel one with the capitals. they have to go one game at a time. it has happened before. flares were down three games to none in a series and came back. we will see if they have it in them again. looking for. >> that is what we have to do. >> cool thing, your view of things. >> it was pretty incredible. you don't realize but they are right on top, pregame right in front of you, really cool. >> thanks, pat. >> let's get latest on today's fabulous forecast. >> katie, is this one of the the remaining days of fantastic stretch of weather and something else is coming down the road. >> weather pattern has to shift with time and we will see some rain return to this forecast but for right new things are still dry. that in itself can always have too much of a good thing,
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right. eventually that does lead to potential at least for some drought issues. the at the moment we don't have a drought but we are in the middle of a pretty dry stretch. let me give you statistics here. we are in need of rain. since march 1st there is a rainfall deficit now, just shy of two and three-quarters of an inch. with no measurable rain that is not helping. there is no posted drought status just yet but if we dent see larger storm with any better measurable rain coming soon, you know, we could continue down that path the here. storm scan three is showing you nice wide zoom. we have high pressure but here's a storm system that is bringing in incredibly heavy rain across portions of the lone star state headed toward houston area but right new pretty nasty line there and heavy storms across portions of eastern nebraska and kansas but this is a storm that will eventually head our way. what it does bring with it is rainfall but that doesn't happen until friday. today is another gorgeous day.
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we will easily give this an a plus, sunshine, nice and bright, very pleasant by 3:00 p.m. to about 69 degrees. we should top off around 70, that is what we're expecting and over course of the next few days we will continue a warming trend by a few additional degrees every passing day. friday looking to be the warmest and wetest. i wouldn't call it the a wash out. couple showers, a few thunderstorms, throughout the day, mid to late day is when it will come in here. i still suggest taking umbrella along. we have nice weather that does return, 70 and sunny on saturday, in the bad on sunday either, meisha, back over to you. >> thanks so much, katie. good morning everyone. take a look you are looking at video from emergency construction to replace three suspension ropes on the delaware memorial bridge. how will that affect you? well, three southbound lanes are closed, and that means only one is opened, it will be affecting you coming from new jersey to delaware, most delays we will see is on 295
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and new jersey turnpike and by the way, on the new jersey turnpike at toll plaza we have lost that left lane. your alternate, best betties probably going to be commodore barry bridge from the delaware memorial bridge. just make note of that. i will let the you know how long this lingers. it sound like the next several days. something to keep in mind. >> we are looking at the 42 looking good moving in the north bound direction at creek road approaching 295, this is what you're looking at, certainly volume levels starting to heat up ever so slightly. we can expect that it is now pushing pass 5:00 o'clock. vine is all clear. we were dealing with overnight construction now moving in the west and eastbound side, looking g the eastbound side is heating up quicker to then westbound side and that is what we will see in the 5:00 o'clock hour. make note of. that vine street expressway, opened and looking good. then, we have sewer main repairs in mount laurel in about 15 minutes, it is an extended project. so we will get to that in ten tn to minutes, jim and brook back to you. bounce houses are popular for a children's birthday
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party. >> before you think about getting one for your children to play in listen to what happened to one nevada girl. little angela got her hair stuck the two velcro used to attach the sections together. her parents could not get her free and had to find a pair of scissors to cut off part of her hair. >> i was crying. >> every time i tried to give it a gentle pull of her hair out, it was painful for her. >> if you let them play in there which i suggest you don't, you keep a close eye on them. >> angela's mother says it took hours to remove the hair from the velcro. this happened at a county fare and now the family has contacted an attorney. big changes coming to the big mac. >> how mcdonald's is reslamming its famous burger. >> i love the people. >> yeah, she loves her job and it shows. we have a special way that waitress is honored today for
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welcome back you have a few days left to check out the philadelphia international festival of the arts which celebrates our city's culture. >> one of the top attractions is growing right in the middle of the kimmel center. our vittoria woodill shows you how this piece of art comes alive. >> so welcome to the kimmel. the here's the big tree. >> reporter: philadelphia international festival of the arts, or pifa, continues with the kin net is tree inside the kimmel center. >> we have thought about all of the things humans built through century, we have built pyramid, sky scrapers, iphone but we cannot make a tree. >> reporter: the artistic director jay w ahl says it is enormous installation, made by a genius where two-by-four's have been constructed into roots to hold on to, to play in, to sit in and look up at
5:25 am
22 branches. move and grow. >> branches are held on ropes, pulleys the way sailors worked together to hoist the sales to go on an adventure. >> let's do that. >> we are pulling it, slowly. >> so that green, line you are coming to right here you can see that get higher and higher. if you look at those two right there. >> my goodness. >> actors are used to not only play mother nature but also emulate philadelphia's heart working group. >> we to think of them as sort of workers, makers, sort of the way we think of, you know, 20th century america being workshop of the world. >> philadelphia was called in 19th century so we looked throughout history and said they came together to make a tree, well, what would that look like. >> it takes a whole group of people to bring this tree alive but artist, actors, audience and that speaks to how we make our city. really symbolic as us as a community, city, and nation.
5:26 am
>> reporter: just like a tall oak in the sun, with the branches and the sound of the natural world, it makes you feel something, all wonder, joy. >> you must be very proud. >> i am, i am very excited. i think it is a big >> that was vittoria woodill reporting. check out the tree in the kimmel center for free during the day. at night there are performance the at 7:00 and 10:00. >> tree will remain there throughout the rest of the festival which end saturday with the huge street festival that will close down part of the broad street. i will swing by and take a look. it the will be good. coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" paying a price for the flint water crisis. we will show you who he is being held accountable for drinking disaster. drumming up expert when the democrats come to philadelphia, the special role
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donkeys will play for the dnc. also rising water leads to more dramatic rescues down south, why some fear the worst is still to come, katie? well, brook, thankfully the weather has been very quiet here at home but you can have too much of a good thing, so if you do suffer from allergies though i want you to listen up here, how long pollen is an issue for you a allergy sufferers in my forecast on the other side. meisha is watching the morning commute with the latest on the early slow spots including emergency road work, happening right now, stay with us. modres: the cost of living the pay stays the same. i have to work extra hours just to make ends meet. it's a big struggle. one person that really gets this is katie mcginty.
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get ready to open up the windows again because it will be another beautiful day and katie will let you know just how long this great weather will stick around. i hope forever. good morning i'm brook thomas. i'm's jim donovan. we will continue to see your forecast in just a minute but first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> i am not going to lie, i do not have the word tonight to make the pain go away. >> classes in the robbinsville school district are canceled again to today. the community is still in shock over sudden loss of their school superintendent. embattled pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane has been ordered to appear in montgomery county court


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